Make My Friday, Organic Beetroot Salad

Hello my darlings, i hope you are doing your best to have a good time and deal with the everyday craziness!
It is not long ago that  i learned i have a food disorder to gluten - amongst other health problems - and my daily menu has changed pretty much. I always used to eat a lot of greenery but as i grow, i tend to eat more and more of everything that comes from earth. Some years ago i even had the idea to open a small restaurant that would only serve raw food, salads and green juices but this never came out and i regret it somehow.

Anyway, today i am talking about the simplest salad ever, extremely healthy - i am sure all my Greek friends know the recipe - it is nothing new or special but it is so simple and honest i just love it! Usually i prefer to buy organic but if it not your thing, there is no problem.

So, after i have boiled the beetroots  - 4 to 5 small roots - i cut them into small, thin pieces. I only use then salt, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a clove of garlic-(smashed)- and some sesame for looking more interesting. That's it, can it be any easier? I know a lot of people prefer the 'yogurt-beetroot' version but i prefer to eat the earthy taste of the root, only thing i can add? - more garlic, i am not ashamed to admit i absolutely love garlic...sorry! Of course, then it'll have to be a no kiss-kiss day or night....you can never have it all finally!

See you on Monday, have a wonderful weekend!
Love, K.

salad bowl bought from IKEA
fork bought from Stockholm - vintage
tea towel bought from Zara Home

all photos by cocoandsilk