Make My Friday - Dark Is Falling

The other day we had an amazing afternoon here in Athens, it was one of those first cold evenings where the light becomes more blue and the streets are a bit empty even in the city centre. 
I truly love these fall colours of the city, somehow although a city of four millions - or more - there is a kind of loneliness i can feel around the 'empty' roads and everything seem to move slower than usual and more quite!
The images of this post are in fact a car ride through the city centre and are all taken with my mobile, between the red lights and the slow ride.

This Saturday C. is expecting to celebrate Halloween at home which means a hot spicy pumpkin soup with crispy bread sticks and a horror movie on the telly. I really can't wait...

Wish you a lovely weekend and a great Halloween!

Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk