A Step Away From Great Things To Happen

Wow! It has been almost a week since i posted here, i know no excuses but boy! a lot have come on my shoulders...

This period is like the last days of a pregnancy, big news are about to come but the labour is not over yet! I work very hard to put things together but when a 'box' is closed i find another one has been opened, you know what i mean!
I wish i could say something more but i have to keep my mouth shut till everything will be ready!

So anyway, as things are running nothing makes me happier than the fact that spring is already here, soft sweet rain and a higher temperature makes me want to go out and smell the fresh air, see my friends for a coffee break and most of all i am sooooo excited for an upcoming trip at the end of next month, i can't really wait! I guess small escapes from everyday routine is one of the biggest luxuries in life...

See you on Friday and till then think spring!

Love, K.