My Friday - Without Doubt (?)

Whenever comes to a great photo i see, a wonderful work of creative people who give their (more than) best to get a beautiful result, aside from deeply admiring it, i always wonder if they had moments in their lives that felt really down, asking themselves about the quality of their work and how they fought these cruel periods.

Lately i live in a creative fever but the more i need to create the more i have doubts about my work. Creative process is often painful and hard, completely the opposite of what most of the people imagine. My friends always say how lucky i am to work and make a living from this job (let me smile ironically here) but i know it is not completely true...there is almost nothing glamorous or exciting but hard/hard work and endless days and nights of stress and self doubting!

I do not regret about what i am doing because i do it with passion and it is an inner need that pushes me to keep on working when everything seem to be against and i know this is the price everyone has to pay when living in the planet of creatives and freelancers. And finally this is the reason i respect every beautiful image that i happen to see in a magazine, a blog or anywhere else. Cause i know a lot of people worked truly, really hard so me and thousands of others can now enjoy the beauty of what they produced.

Enjoy your weekend
Love, K.

Publication: Vogue Italia March 2016
Model: Anna Cleveland
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø
Fashion Editor: Patti Wilson