Take A Walk Downtown.... Athens

What happens when a city is living under the pressure of a heavy social and financial crisis? 
Sometimes it becomes a live art gallery with people, buildings and everything else becoming pieces of this gallery. 
I was always in love with the hard urban face of the city but as time walks along i discover myself getting more and more excited with this place, to me Athens is an endless source of inspiration, the more it becomes wounded the more beautiful she turns, the more i get in love with it!

Two days ago i was so fed up with work i just had to go for a walk outside, just to breath some air and watch the people...i am a passionate human watcher! It was a beautiful late noon and the air was warm and kind to us, i could swear spring was here for good! I guess it was not the best hour to get the right pictures but i love this blue/grey decadent light so i really couldn't care less about the tone of it. 

Sometimes you  don't need to run away to see things in a different view, sometimes all we have to do is open our souls to everything that is next to us and let it speak to our heart.

Athens you are my eternal lover!

Have a good day

images by cocoandsilk