New Business Cards - Some Color This Time

Last week i ordered some new cards and leaving my hesitation behind i used some strong color for the first time in my life. Oh no, it is not only the white and grey, there is a shocking dose of pink also, making them so much more playful!
Looks like Berlin did good to me and i felt this is the right time to make some changes. Plus, this is a pretty strong, intermediate phase of my life, lots of things are happening, i am not going to be afraid of some pink, right? And once i did it, i became so happy the moment i had them, why on earth i did not try it in the first place?
Now that i am almost ready to start designing my winter 15/16 collection, i had lots of intriguing ideas about color....you think it's wise to add some strong or light  colors next to all time loving black?

Have a joyful day
love, K.

 photos by cocoandsilk