Am I A Fashion Lover? - Yes!

The more i get involved with fashion the more addicted i get. I was always in love with beautiful clothes and beautiful style but now that i see the whole process from the inside, how really difficult it is to create something and then manage to get it into production, now i get to love and respect it a lot more. Especially when we are talking about timeless style and high quality fabrics like the cocoandsilk.com philosophy!
Lately i am receiving many e-mails from women, requesting me to help them create their independent style or organize their wardrobe. It is something that never occurred to me i could have done and although i find it so challenging and creative, i am afraid i do not have the time to handle it.
On the other hand, the more close i get to finally open my Internet boutique the more excited i get, it took me so much time and cost me a lot of pain, sleepless nights and effort, but i feel i love this new baby so much! There are literally thousands of ideas that come and go into my head, i am already thinking of my next project which is going to combine fashion with yoga and pilates, i could not be more thrilled!!!

Then again, no matter how limited my time is, i can never stop writing here, this blog is my open window to you and my therapy, my detox from work - and much cheaper than a visit to a shrink - and speaking of this blog, i am really looking so forward for my upcoming visit to Berlin for The Hive Conference, i can not stop dreaming about it and how wonderful it is going to be! You still have time to get your tickets in case you are interested, we are going to have such a nice time, and meet each other and talk and spend two wonderful creative days with amazing people, in this wonderful city!

Do have the most beautiful day!
Love, K.

images created by cocoandsilk via polyvore