Creative People - Thodoris Markou

I met  Thodoris Markou through a number of seminars about photography. He was the best teacher we could have as he was workaholic, insisting, inspirational, open and helpful to all of us from one point, sarcastic, pushing, never tired of repeating things, from another...and with an absolutely winning sense of humor!
I am afraid i can say nothing about his work as a photographer because i happen to know him and i may sound like a flatterer, so i leave this up to you. But i can sure speak about the way he tried to make us understand what photography is about, showed different ways of approaching the light  - or the absence of it - never stopped encouraging us to work, work, work  and being very honest (that  caused pain sometimes), with our work, in other words he was an excellent teacher. Unfortunately due to my crazy hours of working i had to stop my lessons, a bitter truth i do not wish to talk about. Still, it was an excellent experience. I now have a much clearer image of what to do and how to do it.
You can check his work here

Do have a fabulous day!
Love, K.

images via thodorismarkou.com