For The Love Of Photography - Kostas Kapsianis

Hello, i am so excited i am flying to Berlin tomorrow for the Hive but i am also so glad today to make this post.
 It is about Kostas Kapsianis a very talented Greek photographer whose work i deeply admire.
The thing about photography is that, like every other kind of art, it can transform a simple picture of life to magic. What really turns me on with photography is the game of illusion, the way a man can create beauty by using the light or the absence of it and a camera. Fact, we can not all be photographers and we can not all see the picture beyond the image, the photo beyond reality and that's the beauty it, the surprising way we all see the world, through different eyes, artists or not!

I wish you a beautiful day, 
Love, K.

images via kostaskapsianis.gr