Make My Friday - Scandi Love


Scandinavian design is like a love stroke, once you fall in love with it you can never go away! Maybe it is the clear lines and calming colors, maybe the simple forms or maybe the famous designers of the previous decades that created a tradition of a wonderful work....truth is, design coming from north equals to clear beauty.
My house is not so much about this Scandi feeling, i wish i could create this feeling but it is probably too difficult to achieve it when you live in a packed apartment of 80 sq m with a teenager who loves to keep all her toys and books from the earlier years, not to mention the incredible collection of cds and stuff of her favorite boy band (we will talk about this later as we are traveling to Gothenburg for a concert)! But when it comes to small objects, i love to own as many as i can afford, cause they really make me happy and i love to use them. 
Is Scandinavian design your thing too? Do you have any particular brands that you love and why?

I wish you a striking weekend!
Love, K.

images via bolia.com