Make My Friday - No wi-fi No room

 A few days ago i turned down the possibility of spending some blissful summer days in the island of Tinos , in a beautiful cottage, in the middle of a traditional farm, but with no access to the Internet. The fact that i was supposed to spend almost a week without having contact with my blog, or the up coming on line shop, made the whole project reject - able and strongly refus(e) - able.

I know, for many people a brake can not be a brake if you keep on working and keep your routine, but what if you just wanna have a small glimpse to what's happening, read your favorite blogs with your morning coffee, preparing your next project or work on your pinterest boards? I can see nothing wrong about it, especially when I'm doing  this first thing in the morning, when all the others are still sleeping, God i love my morning 'isolation'!
 So here i am, since i have the problem, now i will have to plan the summer vacation  - amongst other things- as if i asked for something strange.... Please tell me...am i the only one who is ''smitten'' by the digital world?

Have a beautiful weekend!
Love, K.

images via here