Make My Friday - A Week With No Gluten

During the last three years i gained almost 9kilos and started to have many health problems and allergies.
At first i could not realize what was really happening with my body and i thought it was my sugar addiction that created all the problems, at least my weight gain problems - which is absolutely true to a point.
On the other hand it was obvious to me that something was very wrong with my nutrition habits, till one day a doctor talked to me about gluten and realized i had a problem. Anyway i am not going to speak about things that are already known to many of you - i suppose i am not the only one with gluten disorder eh? The thing is, it took me quite a long time to decide and change the way i was feeding myself even though i knew i had a problem. This month my disorder hit red , same with my weight so it was time to play seriously. I am now in week three of my 'gluten free diet', i can't tell i have seen a difference with my body and my weight -that's probably  because i still eat a tone of honey every morning - but most of my health problems have already disappeared or have become less annoying.

What is really strange with my gluten story is how much time i needed to really - really change my nutritional habits, is there a food addiction to certain ingredients or is it just me? Do you have any similar example?

Hope you all have a joyful and healthy weekend!

Love, K.

 photos by cocoandsilk