Deconstructing The Image

''Change the way you look at the world and the world you look at will change''
Neil Gaiman

These are the words that put me in all of thinking during the weekend. 
Normally, we tend to look at this world through images and sometimes even through the reflections of them. 
During the last years we all became observers in actions of cruelty against people with a different way of approaching life or against minorities, sexual, cultural, religious, etc...So, how can it be true that even though we are running so fast we still move back? Do we have to deconstruct the image in order to find the substance?
 Art, fashion, music, theatre, cinema, and culture in general is what we can use to change and to resist in such actions. Perhaps it is not only the way we look at this world but most importantly the way every single one of us is acting.
 If we would like to speak about fashion it is obvious that something is starting to change. Maybe this is why so many young designers around the globe are trying to work under ethical codes, are avoiding toxic fabrics, creating wearable collections for real people, and try to build small brands that are not all about glossy magazines and glittered conservative images but they are more about real needs, real lives, and finally the true meaning of their work, that is joy, independence, freedom, creativity, self expression, and probably a lot more...

Enjoy your day, see you all on Wednesday
Love, K.

images by bbc.com/culture