Work The Detail

Hi guys, hope you had a lovely weekend!
I had a wonderful time on Saturday night wandering around the centre of Athens and boy it was years  since i had done this for the last time! 
The city is really blooming again after a period of misery and depression, people are pretty tired and fed up of the endless austerity thing and everyone seem to need some fresh air. So many beautiful new places to go and enjoy the amazing night life of this city.

Anyway, that was two days ago, this is Monday calling and we are here to go on with work and all the new stuff....
One of the most difficult things here in cocandsilk is to achieve the result we want in every single piece, and we mean the special detail that makes every garment different. 
Working on the detail means you can never let a piece go on production unless you are not absolutely sure of the final result. I spent so much time 'investigating' a piece from inside to outside, does the lining look perfect, do we have a good quality of finish, does the pocket have the perfect cut, and so many more... Am i ever pleased? Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no, but with every step we do achieve a higher quality, and this is a grate win!
Fashion is a hard and tricky playground to play and every day you have to deal with new challenges but the beauty of creation gives such a pay off! And that's the thing with this work, no matter how difficult it is, how hard you have to fight, there is always this amazing moment when you realise the power of the detail on every design, every fabric, every garment, and finally on every woman that will wear cocoandsilk!

See you on Wednesday 
Love, K.

Jenni wears black wide-leg pants 40% wool, 40% visc, 20% polyamide 
and honey top with side pockets 100% wool
both soon online here

original photo Fotis Karapiperis