New York, New York

 The motive for this journey was my friend's (Antonia Papatzanaki) exhibition in an art gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

It was mid February - just like now - and we decided to go and be with our friend. We had a pressure of time so we only stayed for four  - yes sir, four -  days, i think we are "speedy Gonzales" travelers...

The weather was so very cold, i could not believe, i always had in mind Carrie's - you know Carrie who - light dresses and barefoot sandals, so somewhere in my mind New York was like...i don't know...an unchangeable temperature city maybe?

Despite the luck of time and the cold, we had an amazing time, the exhibition had been fantastic, a dream of mine (visiting MOMA) became reality, payed my respect to the Barbie cathedral  - representing my daughter who had ordered some hundreds of collectible barbie dolls, i had brunch at Pastis,  bought a Chanel lipstick from Sacks 5th av.(oooohhhhh!!!!) and a most crazy bag from a most crazy shop and i absolutely fell in love with the skyscrapers, the geometry of the buildings and their shadows and i promised to myself never to visit again during winter time....i can hear you laughing!!!   

So now i am open for a visit to the city that never sleeps but with a barefoot outfit like Carrie's...

Love, K.