Make my Friday, movie rescue kit

There are days in our lives - even Fridays - we do not have the desire to go out and have fun or we feel a little sick or we are simply broke...

Over the years i managed to collect some of my most beloved films and create a super mini but super rescue movie kit cause all of the films i have chosen, i keep on watching them again and again and never get tired.

Lately I'm going  through a phase  - i prefer to stay at home, make my own drink, see a film or listen to some music (better both of them only not at the same time), relax and enjoy my home - I'm a home lover anyway...Perhaps it is the late February  tiredness, the last sadness before spring or the fact that i do not wish to smell like a smoked salmon -  one more time -  after the night fun because as you might don't know, here in the land of ancient glory we are still smoking everywhere....no further commends...

Anyway this Friday i decided to stay at home and enjoy a private film party, only i have not decided yet which movie to pick. Any ideas?

Rescue movie kit picks are:

Do have a lovely weekend.

Love, K.

photos via sevenart.gr, tvtropes.org, movie-poster.it, imbd.com, everyeliakazanmovie.blogspot.com, impawards.com, verdaux.wordpress.com, cinema.usc.edu, plusgoogle.com