Paris mon amour

The trip to Paris was a promise to my daughter who was dreaming of visiting Disneyland.

To repeat how beautiful this city is it sounds too common but the truth is that Paris is like no other.
Although my favorite city in the world is London, Paris is like the vintage Chanel...simply irresistible! 

I enjoyed  every single moment of our stay there, thanks to a friend we had booked in a very well priced and comfortable hotel, our room had a garden view and this was killing romantic (imagine listening to the light rain falling to the trees while you enjoy an afternoon champagne - yes i did that).

Visiting Disneyland was an unexpected amusing experience as i did not imagine i could have such fun.

The rest of our days were like having long walks all around the city, do some shopping (not me i swear), taking photos, visiting museums (but not the Louvre), enjoying lazy wine noons and tasting  amazing dinners. Of course now i will sound common because I'm still thinking....when is it possible to go again ?

Love, K.