Make my Friday, Closet updating

Having your closet done can be the ultimate weekend project. It may sound unattractive to spend hours of our precious free time struggling to organize the 'dragon's cave' but the result is always rewarding.

Most of us do not have the wonderful and to die for closets or dressing rooms, but we love clothes, like to shop, enjoy to refresh our collection every season and over the years we end up (most of times because of luck of space) creating a cage of  packed and unhappy clothing.

I try to work on my closet as hard as i can so i can feel happy every time i open it and this is many  times.  Rule number one: I'm ruthless with pieces i do not wear for at least two years  - they are out - not of my closet but of my life. Give these clothes to people who would like to use them, sell them on eBay, or if you can not let them go for emotional reasons, put them somewhere they do not consume valuable space. Clothes we do not wear but we KNOW we are going to look for them later, (and by later i mean six months to a year), try to find somewhere to store them up and when you will discover them again they will give you joy like new ones. 'Organize by color' is an all time classic tip and is always working and of course always leave the clothes outside to refresh before you put them back again.

No matter how big or small, luxurious or casual, ladylike or sporty it is always a small feast to open your closet and see all the clothes you love, waiting to be chosen depending the occasion. Come on, you've got work to do...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, K.

photos via beautyjadore.com, metropolisatmetrotown.com, babble.com,blog.livelikeyou.com