Sydney.... the sequel

 The second time we visited  Sydney it was only for three days (totally crazy), but as we were traveling back to Greece from Auckland we thought it would be great to make a stop there and it really made sense.

This time there was no wedding so we were much more relaxed, we had plenty of time to see people we love - aka cousins - visit the contemporary museum of modern art, the opera (I'm in love with it), the amazing cafes and city restaurants.

We stayed in a small studio, it was very old and smelly but the location was fantastic - in Surry Hills - close to hip Paddington , walking distance from the city center and the big shopping malls which made my daughter extremely happy (although she wasn't  allowed to shop a lot as the prices were up to high heaven).

One of the best memories i have is the coffee shop we used to have breakfast, (i think i have an obsession with food), it was called two good eggs and it was the most new-york kind of cafe i have ever visited with the most delicious breakfast i have ever tasted. Sydney has some of the most amazing book stores and  - you may find it hard to believe - the most beautiful cookbooks, i took so many i almost came back over weighted.

Every time i go to Sydney it gets better and better so now that my cousin is going to have her first  baby is the absolute opportunity for me to say: Hey, Sydney here i come!!!

Love, K.