A chair is not just a chair

photo from Vogue Living Australia

As statistics say, we use 50% of our lives siting  in a chair. Either at home or at work and even in public spaces we use them and many times we can spent a fortune in order to put an eponymous one in a corner of our house.

Designer Mies Van Der Rohe - who designed the famous Barcelona chair - has said: ' A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier'.

Many designers and architects became famous because of the chairs they designed and their names are connected forever in our minds with these objects of desire. Barcelona chair, tulip chair, egg chair are some of the most iconic seats of the 20th century and each one has its own story.

If you own one of them you are very lucky cause after all it is not every one of us who can see and touch and sit to our favorite designers' projects - products.

Love, K.

Barcelona chair (1929) - Ludwig Mies Van Rohe

Eames Lounge (1956) -  Charles Eames

Tulip chair (1958)- Eero Saarinen

Egg chair (1958) - Arne Jacobsen

Panton Chair (1967) - Verner Panton