She is so Jetset.....!

My cousin Steph(any)  sent to me this beautiful present (Steph lives in Sydney) and i am like 'oh my God, thank you so much i just adore Benefit products'  and....is this really the impression i give every time i step out of the plane after an 18 hours flight???

I remember the first time i discovered  Benefit in Carnaby str London many years before they arrived in Greece. Ever since they are my favorite make up products, they are so playful, a joy for the eye and amazingly good stuff. I also like the fact they create new products every now and then and when i try them on, i question myself  - how could i make it without them till now?

Benefit it's fun, it's womanly and girly and every time i finish  with a product, my daughter grabs the empty container and starts to play the ultimate gal. Perhaps she is the future jetseter... 

Love, K.