Internet Shopping - Julie Vos

I am always glad to discover beautiful shops on the internet , especially when they ship internationally.
This was an accidental discovery, in fact i was just reading a digital magazine and then hop-hop there was an interview of Julie Vos.

Her designs are very delicate and chic and some are 'ancient Greek' inspired pieces.
The prices are so into limits that make them even more attractive and a very good idea for a present.

Now, perhaps many of you may believe that i have a reason, a profit, when i make a post about a brand, or hotels, or whatever....I do not.
This blog is closed to advertisements and every comment i make - fashion, design, product, firm - only represent my personal style and opinion - at least up to now. The thing is, i like beauty, wherever and whenever i see it, and i love to share beautiful things with people cause i have a strong belief that beautiful things make the 'cruel world' be more bearable....  

Maybe sometime in the future i will be able to create my own E- shop, this is a dream i wish to come true, but for now i can only share beautiful words, thoughts, recipes, photos, travel information and all the joy of life.

So, these are some pieces i like a lot, do you?

Love, K.

products via julievos.com, photos composed by cocoandsilk