Make My Friday, Winter Trends: Craft Coutoure

We are still enjoying the joys of summer but fashion is running fast and long ago the winter trends are covering the editorials of  fashion magazines so we can have an idea of what is about to come.

One of the most interesting options of winter 2014 is the ethnic - folk, ( hand crafted like) trend, represented strongly by Dolce & Gabanna and other designers as well. Oversized cardigans, big coats, together with folk inspired tops and dresses are a key for this look.

If you love the - i did it myself - style of wearing a coat, this is your thing! If you on the other hand - more like me - prefer a more light version of dressing yourself then of course there are ohter styles to follow, although the temptation is so bloody strong....

Love, K.

photos via vogue.co.uk