Lunch Eaten At Work

This is a different book about food. It is not written by a chef, a famous cook, or a well trained mother, in fact is is written by Peter Miller, a bookshop owner in Seattle.

Peter Miller is a man with inspiration and the fact that he has to eat his every day lunch while working in his bookshop does not seem to be a problem. It may be just a salad or a sandwich but  it is freshly made and with the help of all the people who work there. This is something extremely interesting to me, think how people can be connecetd when they work, prepare food and eat together, it is a kind of working nest and it can only help create a good working human environment.

I know a lot of people who order together while at work, but making your own everyday lunch it is not something common especially when we are talking for the private working sector. And of course if you own a bookshop you can also publish the book and sell it!
Well done Peter and everybody!

Love, K.

photos via amazon.com