Put Your Treasures Out

Hello there! I don't know about you but i am the type of person who likes to display stuff that i love and let it be in common view.
First of all i want to be able to look at my treasury stuff , it makes me feel better. Perhaps i am a material girl but looking at a favorite book, or photo, or a gift, or a trip memento....just makes me feel comfy, sweet, relaxed. Maybe because every little treasure we own is a materialized memory, something we can see but has a story behind.
And even if it does not has a fascinating story and it is just something that we liked and simply brought home, well, let it shine somewhere nice.

Oh no, my house is not the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, there are so many clever and creative ways of displaying objects in every place, as long as we do not overdo it.
Keeping the balance is important but i could never imagine myself living in a minimal, monastery type, disciplined kind of home, it is not simply my style. And then again, as you might already have imagined, i also change the place and the way of displaying stuff so it is never the same.
I think i have said enough....haven't i? OK that's it.

Love, K.

photos via homelife.com.au