Grey Days Of December


The days to start counting for Christmas are here,  the temperature refuses to get low -er, the sky is grey -er every day. I call them moody days, orgiving an impression of melancholy or mystery -  dictionary.

I guess when you have to work for 15 hours a day you don't care very much about the weather, but hey, this is me,  someone who loves the sun, wants to feel a bit cold when Christmas comes close, goes crazy in love with the rain , so normally i wouldn't really mind but looks like I am a bit confused these days... anyway.

Well, you know, my best way to get some rest is to daydream through my beloved blogs and write to you. These pics are from here and yes, i am still waiting for my farrow and ball order to come home so i can imagine myself painting the house during festive days...hmmm ....not so good...agree?

Have a beautiful day!

Love, K

pics of the day

photos via tumblr.com