Make My Friday - Photographers

I always admired photographers. I remember when i was a little girl, in every special occasion  - marriage, birthday, family gatherings, there was always a photographer invited to capture the moments, well 30 years ago there were no digital cameras, at least not in Greece...
The photographer was like a distant relative, everyone was happy to see him and paid attention to what he was saying.
During the years i loved many great photographers and i strongly admire their work, Now i am having photography lessons once a week and to me it is a gift i made to myself and something i wanted to do for many - many years. Here are some of the greatest artist of photography and i hope my teacher agrees with me (he has a very strong opinion about the art of photography and it is not advisable for us to disagree).

Do you love taking photos? Are there any certain techniques that you like to follow, any particular lens and cameras you have chosen to use?
What kind of photography do you prefer? So many things to talk about....

Have you all a wonderful weekend.
Love, K.

Eugene Smith 1918 - 1978
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Helmut Newton 1920 - 2004
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Irving Penn 1917 - 2009
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Guy Bourdin 1928 - 1991
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Henri Crtier Bresson 1908 - 1971
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Diane Arbus 1923 - 1971
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Brassai 1899 - 1984
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