Monday, Monday

Hello there and have a lovely week.
By the time you will read this post i will be into a small surgical room  having a light operation (not botox, ha-ha), no need to worry though. This is why i am writing this post today - Friday- and i am so glad to share these beautiful street style photos with you. Street style seem to gain points more and more and many fashion designers are following this public demand, women seem to like a lot 'kind' - soft fabrics, loose lines and easy wearable apparel  that can be worn from day to night and make us look pretty no matter what. I do not underestimate the luxury we all love in special occasions but our everyday life is now so demanding, really, who has the time to go home and change before an early glass of wine with a friend? Saying this i would really appreciate some good advices about how you manage with your time limits, i seem to be out of control all the time!

Enjoy the new week
Love, K.

photos via tumblr.com