My Muji

The first time i visited Muji was during a trip to the United Kingdom, many years ago. I think i loved everything about this store and its philosophy, right away.  Muji is a temple of design, everyday use products become small pieces of art. There is nothing not to love about this brand, they keep a pure and simple line in everything they produce, the quality is excellent and i like the fact they keep some of their products on production for many years now. Most of the times i prefer to buy stuff for my job, like stationery or pens, but their women accessories are also a smash, not to mention their unique linens for the bedroom. If i could, i would be more than happy to have their wonderful sofas in my place, of course.... i find it a bit complicated to try order a sofa....

I wonder if we share the same passion for well designed everyday stuff that make our lives not only easier but also prettier.

Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk