Make My Friday, Building A Business From Scratch

Hey it is Friday! Feels grate eh?
Lately i appreciate the weekend's tiny brake very much and i have serious reason.
As you all know this period I'm kicking my ass pretty hard trying to create something totally new in my working life.It is a small clothing collection  based on my sketches and ideas and some wonderful organic cotton t-shirts ( i traveled the world to find a good supplier). The whole collection is hand made by independent small manufacturers, mostly women. 
After battling with a mountain of problems during the previous long lasting months, wrong partners, fatal clothing manufacturers, financial problems and a massive attack of negative coincidences, i can finally see all  the hard work coming true. My line and a new e-shop are going to be ready during the next month (or a bit longer) and i am more than excited!

The cocoandsilk.com project is my new born child and like every parent i am totally in love with it. Trying to start something new is extremely risky and i have made many mistakes -  but is there really a way to escape from this? Day by day i learn from my mistakes and i try too hard, but you know... really - really hard .
My biggest mistake was that i hired other people to help me start  the project before i had a totally clear vision of how i wanted things to be. Turned out, this was a total waste of time ....and money! On the other hand, i had a major support from my family (C is always loyal to what i do, is there really a biggest achievement for a mother?) and a few good fiends like my beloved Despina Deco , she is such a huge help and source of inspiration.

Looking back, i would certainly had done things in a different way and maybe i could had saved a huge amount of money, time, and a calm soul.

To be continued...

Do have a wonderful weekend!
Send me your experience of a similar situation, every advice is valuable.

Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk