Make My Friday, Miss Chocolate

Hellooooo! Friday at last, feeling happy?

You know, my daughter always kept on telling me that i should had called this blog chocoandsilk instead of cocoandsilk. Truth is she really has a point cause if there is one thing i like to eat every time i am looking for something sweet, this is chocolate. A bigger truth is i really chose the name of the blog to be cocoandsilk because of chocolate, only the chocoandsilk thing sounds a bit funny so i had to change it a bit. Do not ask me about the silk.

C. always likes to make jokes about my passion for chocolate, she knows i keep at least three kinds of drinking chocolate into the kitchen but she also knows i buy at least five different flavors every time i go to my favorite organic food store, mama has a sweet tooth and a strong one i must say, nobody is perfect right?

Chocolate is one of the biggest pleasures and since i do not drink coffee at least i can indulge myself with a cuppa of this hot, sweet, tender, flavor that is so irresistible. Speaking of it, i leave you with a warm, sweet, chocolate kind of kiss and wish to you a very choco weekend!

Love, K.


 all photos by cocoandsilk