Work Spaces

Hello and have a joyful day.
As i told you on Monday, a few days ago i came across some very beautiful work spaces and a wonderfully clever idea of a co-working company called WeWork. Looks like this was the match i needed to light the fire for this post.
An inspiring work space is very important to all as we spend so many hours of the day - and night - working. Speaking of my place, i was pretty damned lucky because literally i built the place so it was custom  made to my needs. First of all, i have an extra room - next to the main working area - where i can have a moment or two in peace and quite every time i feel i am one step before a stroke. It is there i keep my old white sofa  (bought a million years ago), my books , magazines, photos of  C. etc and this makes the whole room feel more homey. The spare room is my secret cave...Another thing that is important to me is my small but ultra functional kitchen, i love to prepare my tea, coffee or even a light meal - remember this post? -  by myself and in addition i can pamper my clients by a good quality coffee or chocolate made by my own hands - this can brake even the thicker ice! Keeping things tidy is important so my work space has as many shelves and book cases as possible.
I was always a working mom so C's small office, located in a corner, is a way to keep her busy during no school days. Of course, even i know it may sound silly i love to have flowers and candles around, work is not only deadlines and stress, it is also creativity, joy, healthy spirit, so yes, i need to have everything i love around me. One thing i would add to make this place feel better? Well, it is in my future plans to use  the amazing backyard, it would be so nice to work or even arrange work meetings and partner gatherings outside especially during the warmer months, but hey, this is Greece and 70% of the year is 'the warmer months' so....why not?  
Have you got any ideas for an outside work space? I'm with my ears open!

Love, K.


 all photos by cocoandsilk