Free Day In Paris

After we had all the running for the Premiere Vision exhibition and all the fabric shows, we kept a day just for us to enjoy the beauty of the city. For me, it was impossible not to visit the Pompidou Center where an exhibition about architecture and design from the 80's till today was taking place together with the Jeff Coons event. I have to confess i spent the biggest part of my morning there as i also visited the wonderful gift shop of the Center and got lost into the hundreds of art books. Unfortunately, the free space in my luggage was very limited so i only took two books, poor me!

The rest of the day was a total joy with me and Despoina walking around Montmartre, we found some amazing boutiques and had a perfect lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. Maybe it was the wine  but it was in Montmartre where i made the biggest sin, ok, that Isabel Marant jacket was impossible to be ignored. Later, we had an amazing coffee at Merci, i am in love with this shop, design, fashion and food under the same roof, what is more to ask for?

The weather was just wonderful, lots of sunshine, people were having dinner outside, we were two extremely lucky girls. Our biggest torture? It had to be the Paris metro, old, dirty, we had to use a compass to define our route...mess... it was our daily joke to talk about our route mistakes, but when you spent a day in Paris with your good friend , everything seems to be reason for a smile!

Have a beautiful Wednesday
Love, K.

photos via cocoandsilk