Structure Counts

Hello and have a lovely new week.
You know, for 20 years or so i had been working hard to design, build and renovate houses. Being an architect it is not so much fun, the pressure is strong and the stress of the building procedure is beyond words. Now that i have said goodbye to this part of my career, i can realize that one thing is the most important when building your house - structure.

To begin with, every architect has a vision, sometimes a small one and sometimes a bigger and with this vision in mind he-she will support any client to build a healthy boned house, a strong structure. Once this part it's done, there is an empty shell  - but a strong one - to work and create the living place the client wishes. I have seen many people spending tones of money to create their super ultra cool homes, only to find out pretty soon, they have to start all over again - why ?- simply because they created a castle in the sand and this is painful and unhealthy for your pocket. I had always kept on telling  to my clients to hire an architect, if not during the whole building period then at least as an adviser, someone to help them walk into the path lines and not outside of them. Did they listen? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Also, i saw people trying to deal only with the builders so they could save some money - not too many indeed - which is absolutely understood, but trying to build your house only with the help and the knowledge of a builder is like trying to operate your heart with the nurse...not so sure...So, why am i telling all these now? To be honest, i had absolutely forgot about all that stuff till the day i came across with some cool work spaces and a wonderfully clever idea of a new platform in the USA - this post is on schedule for Wednesday - and i remembered all the way back, when i had to insist and sometimes shout to make everything the way it was right and not the way it was easier to be done. I do not regret at all, maybe some people were talking behind my back but you know what? Every time, every single day that i get into my office...i feel happy, was it worth it? F...k yes!

Love, K.

all photos via pinterest