After The Show

Hi everyone!
First of all i would like to apologise for Monday's no post. No matter how much i tried to find some time to keep the blog posted, i failed to do it...
The past four days were a true 'turbulence', i had a pretty demanding time at the show, but i loved every minute of it,  many people to talk, new clients, a lot of stress but also many new designers to meet and share experiences, passions, ideas  - had some sleep for a few hours and then start all over again.

Today we are photoshooting the winter collection (finally!), same wonderful team ... aka: Fotis KarapiperisDimitris GrammatikoyiannisVivian Katsari, and sweetest Jenni Penttinen. I'm telling you i am addicted to these guys, i really love them all and i consider myself very lucky i've met them!

We are very close to everything we have planned for this winter and i'm really dying to share it with you people, so stay tuned for what is about to come.

Have a wonderful day,
Love, K.

this is a truly omg situation, studio after the show

main photo Nicole Keimig @The Society and Elite via here
all others by cocoandsilk