Beautiful Gothenburg ...And The Concert

One of the reasons we visited Gothenburg - among other things - was to watch the One Direction concert, with my daughter. The first two days were split between work and pleasure, our last day was totally dedicated to the long awaited concert of C's favorite band.
I had a wonderful time spending our last evening in a stadium full of lovely teenagers - mostly girls -  crying, singing, dancing and screaming of course, while the boys were singing! 
All in all it was a  wonderful trip, this city really gave us everything, interesting people to meet and talk, a lot of new ideas, time to relax , wonderful shopping districts, amazing shops and even more amazing coffee shops, lovely weather, sunny days and bright north nights and finally a beautiful concert to remember!
Thank you Gothenburg for being so kind and generous to us, i believe we will meet again soon!

Have a wonderful day
Love, K.


images by cocoandsilk