This Is 2016

This is my first post for the new year and boy i am so happy this year has started. First of all, i have this awkward feeling that 2016 is going to be the best year ever! 
It is not only a personal thing, the whole world is changing, people are beginning to realise we are finally reached to a point where there is no way to continue behaving with cruelty to each other and to our planet, let's try and be the best persons we can, we can do it!

These days i am away from my beloved Athens, visiting my home town, another trip to Thessaloniki, it is always a joy to visit and spend some days with my old friends. And since spending all the (first) days of the new year just for celebration is not really my style, i have also work to do and this makes me feel calm and happy! Perhaps i love my job too much, perhaps i should see a doctor! :))

Anyway, i love all this 'new beginning' philosophy, although to me, September is the month that equals to a fresh start. January is more like a promise, something we deeply wish for a long period and we have already worked really hard to make happen and now the dream seems to come closer, the promise is ready to be fullfilled!

 So, for this fresh, new year's post i have nothing more to say but wish to everyone of you the very best  and share these beautiful, fashion perfumed images for a joyful and fashionable 2016!

Happy New Year
Love, K.

images via pinterest.com/cocoandsilk