My Friday - The Alter Ego

I have many times asked myself about the relations i have with other people and especially with my friends.
The thing about friendship (we all know that, don't we?) is that sometimes hides strong emotions, we argue, agree or disagree, share, have great expectations, we love or even hate things our friends do, but we always, always stay still next to them. 
In my age i somehow felt...you know...it is very difficult, if not impossible, to create new friendships, i had a few good friends, i can say brothers and sisters,  i carry deep feelings about them and these people are very important to me, like for the most of you i suppose.

Lately though, i am in the middle of an emotional, physical and mental journey that has brought me  close to people and day by day i can see these new relations converting to beautiful, strong friendships! To me, this is an unexpected gift of life which always seem to surprise me, for good or for bad!
Friendship is a blessing and i can not imagine my life without the love and support i share with my friends, so i just want to thank them all for all the beauty they give to my life and every single moment we have shared!

Have a beautiful weekend
Love, K.

Dedicated to all my old friends : Maria (you are my sister, my soulmate), Vaso - i admire the voice of positiveness inside you

And all the new ones : Keti - the most tender and kind person i have ever met in my life, Dimitris : you are my alter ego, so lucky i have met you!