My Friday - Low key Style

During the years i see myself becoming a minimalist, not only in the way i live / not easy to stay true in the principals of minimalism when you live in 85sqm with a teenager, but mostly in the way i dress myself.

Working for fashion and having crazy work hours, demanding activities like crossing the city from one side to the other to control manufacture issues, meetings with clients and coming back to the studio to work for the design process, made me change the way dress. Comfort is number one but being dressed with style is also a must. 

Most of the times i prefer to keep the 'voice' down by wearing a clean line piece, mostly black, grey, blue or ivory, but i love to add a striking piece like a statement bag, a piece of jewellery or even better the pair of shoes that will make most of the people make a comment. It doesn't have to be  skyscraper heels, but it has to be something more than a simple shoe! That is unless i have to walk 15km in a day, sometimes walking is much faster than driving in Athens, so in this case all the above are dust in the wind and nobody can gets me out of my adidas.

I guess i have not discovered mars and that most women today are somewhere between wearing a stylish outfit but super comfortable also. The days of working for 10-12 hours wearing heels are gone for me, of course evenings  - not so often to go out late these days - are another story, i guess you know what i mean...

Well this was my ''confession on a work floor'' post!

Wish you the most beautiful weekend

Love, K.