My Friday - Weekend Is For Shopping And More...

Ever since i've started working in fashion the only thing that sleeps  in peace is my wallet.
Firstly i have to think a lot before i spend a penny as money are not easy coming and for every collection i see my budget getting paler and paler, on the other hand being all day between fabrics, designs and clothing makes me (in my days off) looking for the comfort of my old loose jeans. Add (to all previous written) a literally zero time to go out and have fun and you get the pic.

Shopping used to be one of my biggest pleasures and somehow still is when and if  i have the chance to do it. Of course i am very lucky cause i have all the pieces of every collection in my closet so no more panic attacks like.... ''i've got nothing to wear!!!''
Anyway this time i found some astonishingly beautiful pieces like ones i've never tried before but you get braver as you get older! So maybe and i only say maybe this weekend i am going to invest on something different, not a cocoandsilk piece, but very cocoandsilk friendly, ha ha! 

Now, aside from all the fashion blah, blah, the most important for all of us is to share all our precious weekends with the people we love and are really important to us, and this has no price!

Keep up the good vibes
Love, K.

images via b-annet.tumblr.com