Megan Hess

Megan Hess is an amazing Australian illustrator.
Her work is  been characterized from the elegance of the past 
decades and the beauty of her sketches is beyond words.
Her resume consist of illustrating for brands like Tiffany and 
CO, Dior, Laduree' and the Sex and the City books of Candice Bushnell.

She has said: ''i love to imagine how people inhabit their
personal space, where they prefer to eat, and how they like to 
sleep, what furniture they choose and how they decorate a 
room. A space can say as much about a person as their clothing.
I've never been interested in creating practical rooms or 
fashions that suit everyone. I like my interiors the way 
i like my fashion; over the top, eclectic and filled with 
drama and humour.  The old saying 'more is more' expresses 
this perfectly.''

She lives in Melbourne with her husband and her two kids.

Love, K.