Make My Friday - The White Bedroom

It's been a long time since i made a post about interiors and boy this is one of my favorite topics!
I am walking into the land of white now, my bedroom is mostly white, but a dash of color here and there creates an interesting result.

It would be really difficult for me to try relax and sleep in a room painted in red for ex., or green, or yellow and another thing is white sits so smoothly next to grey - another favorite color. Of course if you prefer to  play hard you can work with stronger colors creating striking results, i guess that depends on one's wish. There are hundreds of sites out there to help you and give you ideas - and to be honest some of them are truly amazing!
Sometimes i wonder, is white a trend or is it here to stay? I definitely can't have enough and i love this color so much, I'll probably go with it for many many years.
See you on a busy Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

Love, K.

pics via here