Make My Friday - Work From Home

You know, i find it so relaxing to have a small break once in a while and instead of working from the office, stay and work from home. This rarely happens , i mean i don't even remember when was the last time i did that but the other day it was the perfect opportunity. 

So, things i like most when i work from home are:
1. I can work and enjoy the quietness since everyone else is missing.
2. On a summer day the office area is going to be outside, and i looove this!
3. I can wear my flip-flops, no make up, no nothing, we are talking casual here!
4. Listen to my music, all my music collection is here.
5. I can work with my to do list since the phone is not ringing all the time and people is not calling every five minutes. Let the others answer the phone today!
6. Have my lunch on time, the kitchen is next to me.
7. Enjoy a small nap and get back to work , so easy!
8. Organize next week's schedule with a clear mind and according to the plan, no stress today.
9. Escape from everyone, focus to get work done.
10. Get back to the office tomorrow full of energy!

Do you like working from home now and then? 

Whatever the answer, hey it's weekend, enjoy!!!
Love, K.

and a happy selfie

images by cocoandsilk