A Smell Of Winter In The Heart Of Summer

One of the strangest things in my work is that i always run for the next season.
It was early January when i started the first drawings for my summer collection and it is now, in the heart of  summer, running like mad to be on time for winter.
Somehow this is one of the things i really love about fashion, you are always switched on,  always on the run for your next step, your next creative madness, the next challenge! 

Team is ready for our next project, we all work very hard to build our own small label and keep it alive in the wild ocean called fashion industry. And it is funny alright cause even though it is July, we do not talk so much about our summer vacation but how damned lucky we were to find the best quality Portuguese cashmere. That's the best part when you so much love what you are doing...every day is like a holiday.

Enjoy your Monday
Love, K.

images via Vogue Australia