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Hi there!
When i first started to think about cocoandsilk - a year ago - i could never imagine the changes this project would bring in my life, personal, social and working life. It was something that looked scary if not impossible to achieve, a small business with a big vision and millions of financial and technical details to be solved in a small period. What i really gained from this, more than anything else, is that where there is strong will - and a little help from my friends - there is a way.

In cocoandsilk. or cocoa and silk if you prefer, we work keeping in mind some very important (to us) principles: respect our clients by offering the best quality and design at the best possible  price, respect the people who work with us by creating the best possible environment, support the local independent units and build relations based on trust and good will, creating a classy and long lasting wardrobe for women.

So, after a year of hard work and a lot of stress but also an exciting time of creative madness,  finally we are ready to open our online shop and we are more than happy!

I would like to thank all the people who have supported us during this period and encouraged us not to give up, and also the wonderful people who work with us every day and try for the best!
 Love you!!!

A wonderful day to all!