Make My Friday - The Detox

This week my daughter left for a mini break and i was  free of motherhood stuff. It was going to be a pretty hot week and it seemed to me this was the perfect timing to detox my body from all the bad habits of the previous months.
Remember this post? Well, better late than never it's what they say...
So here is my experience of the three day detox program i followed with the help of Verve juices.

Starting the detox seems easy at first, the juice(s) is very tasty, i was more than pleased to drink it early in the morning.  I am not the heavy breakfast type of person and it was OK with me to feel my stomach a bit empty. Around noon i started to feel a bit stressed and hungry, also i happen to have a very hard and hectic day which proved to be absolutely wrong. It would be so much better to start the detox on the weekend and to feel calm and restful, the way i was advised. At 10 pm i was exhausted and somehow depressed, i had only one bottle left and i was pretty sure it was impossible for me to make it for three days. And then magic happened - i don't know why or how, the moment i had my last bottle i felt incredibly revived and relaxed, i went to bed and had a wonderful deep sleep! Win!!!

Waking up feeling hungry and very very thirsty! Day two was supposed to be easier than the previous day but something told me it wasn't going to be a honeymoon. I kept on feeling thirsty during all day and drank lots of water but my biggest problem was the brutal hunger that was torturing me. I needed desperately to put something solid in my stomach and i was feeling like i was stack with it, all i could think was: i need to eat. By noon it was impossible to handle it so i gave up and had half a slice of gluten free bread. I am really ashamed about it but i was sooo hungry! Anyway after the short relief i followed the program as i was supposed to, adding two pieces of water melon before sleep.

I thought i wouldn't make it, but here i am! Day three was the easiest of all. I woke up feeling very light and happy. Not because this was my last day but i had a feeling of being healthy, being clean and i was full of energy and nice, positive feelings. It was an easy going day, i even made it to the cinema carrying my last bottle proudly in my bag! No hunger, no stress, no anxiety, no nothing. Day three was the best of all and i can understand this, somehow toxins are not only hidden in our bodies but in our brain also! It was not only a body detox, it was more that this.

That was not easy! My body was fighting against me, asking for the old way. The day after the program i could not eat meat or drink alcohol, i was looking for raw vegetables and fruit. I also felt i didn't want to harm my body any more with unhealthy food and bad habits. 
I managed to slip into this dress, with a flat belly. Did i loose weight? I did not bother to check, i was feeling just fine!
The program helped me to boost my energy and most of all to give my body a break from everything harmful. Would i do it again? Definitely!!!

Enjoy your weekend
Love, K.

all images by cocoandsilk