Summer Walk Around

Since my days away from the city are very limited and i tend to spend most of the summer time in Athens, it makes sense to try and have the best time i can here, in my basis.
It is important to me to feel clean and fresh when temperature climbs to mount Everest, wearing a light silk or linen dress  - like this one -  makes me look elegant and stylish even if i have to work from early day to late evening!
It is always a nice idea to give ourselves a small break from work even if it is going to be only for half an hour. A visit to my favorite coffee shop where i can still enjoy a wonderful hot chocolate - even in July i prefer to drink it hot - or to a small jewelry boutique - everyone loves to wear silver in the summer - makes me feel like i am miles away from work! And of course no matter what time i finish my work, it is so easy to grab C. and head to our local restaurant to enjoy a cold glass of wine (wine is for me only, not to be misunderstood) and a light meal while chatting about how lovely this summer is! We always have to stay positive, no?

Have the most beautiful day
Love, K.

main image via tumblr.com , all the others via here