Kythnos Island And A Wedding

Hello there! 
This weekend was really crazy. While these were dramatic days for the country, we traveled to Kythnos island for the wedding of a dearest friend. Somehow it was very relieving - this small brake helped us stay cool and calm.
Kythnos is only an hour and a half from Athens and it is a really beautiful place to choose for a summer holiday. The island is still pure, no tourist attractions here, beautiful villages, amazing beaches, very nice and sweet people and an unforgettable cuisine.
Although we stayed only for three days, i had a feeling - i was living there for a much longer period. Like i knew this place, like something sweet and familiar.
Most of all, i enjoyed the crystal waters of the island, i could not get out of the sea no matter how cold it was. Kythnos was a hidden jewel and i know the next time i am visiting, i am going to stay really longer!

Thank you Heleni and Antonis for organizing everything so nicely!

Have a beautiful day.
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk