Pinterest Inspiration

You know fashion inspires me and it is my biggest and all weather love, but when it comes to home Ideas or food... i always head to Pinterest. Pinterest is my biggest source of inspiration. Whether i am looking for styling ideas, a new color palette or the way I'm gonna set my table, it is there you will find me.
Especially now that summer is here for good, i am looking for some clever ideas that will help me create some small cool corners that will transform my work space into a little tropical paradise! And what can be better than having the best fruity options of juices or cold teas around?
Now, this particular board is my ultra favorite, it is a joy for the eye with so many wonderful and easy to copy ideas! 

This week is my last one here at work and i have started to count the days .... no matter how much i adore summer in Athens, i know it is time for me to have a small break cause my stress levels have hit the red button and my alarm is ringing! Till this day comes - the day i will get on a boat to leave for the island (i am not going to tell which island but you will soon find out), i am definitely going to enjoy these summer cool liquid tastes and i invite you - if you are an Athenian -  to make a small stop at cocoandsilk, tell us a good-morning and have the best cold tea or home made lemonade ever! Pinterest knows...

Have a lovely day
Love, K.

images via vraiandoro/cheers