Silver And Gold

Hello my darlings and have a great day!

Summer is still here but laid back days are off for me, not to complain, i had my share!
Since i came back to Athens i started working for my winter collection which is almost done, and also i was trying to imagine how i could still wear my summer collection pieces now that September is coming.
 I know naked legs is not my strong thing and i always like to match my dresses with soft loose pants, i feel much more confident this way and it is better when i have to work and run all the way up and down the city center. Muted colors are also a favorite thing so i decided to try this silk dress and pair it with these silk pants (here in grey but  i'll show you how i'm wearing the blue also) for a cool and comfy look.

C. took the pics and it was great fun to work together during the weekend. Today we are flying to Thessaloniki for work and pleasure and we'll spend the whole week there! See you!

Love, K.

images by C. for cococandsilk